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Where Writers Could ImprovePosted by Ian Blackwell Wed, March 04, 2015 16:50:34

Greetings! I have finally completed my website. It took more time than expected so I’m glad I’m finished! I hope people will find this blog useful for their own development. I aim to use this blog to share my general thoughts on what I’ve read and whatever else might be relevant. Feel free to comment and get involved!

Apart from setting up the site, I’ve been spending a lot of my time recently reading the work of others. Here’s a few things I have noticed that I would like to point out:

KNOW YOUR WORD COUNT: I always ask for a word count so I can guess how long it’ll take me to read. It looks unprofessional if you don’t know it. Saying “193 pages” is not a word count. How many words are on a page? How many teeth does a monster have? How many planets are in a parallel universe? You get what I’m saying. There’s no correct answer. There’s no standard for how many words are on a page. As a writer – especially if you’re submitting your work to agents – you want to look as professional as possible. Not knowing how many words your novel has is NOT a good start!

BE CONCISE: As the saying goes: “Write as much as you need to, but not one word more.” The world we live in today has unfortunately worked itself up into a big rush. People don’t have as much spare time to read exceedingly long novels. There are exceptions to this that have seen worldwide success. If you honestly think your work is of this standard, then best of luck. But in general, it’s in your interest (and most importantly for the reader as well) to not have pages and pages of filler that don’t add to the story whatsoever. If you’re having difficulties doing this, then you should consider hiring an editor.

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